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    Can't open CC IMDL files in CS6

    BobM1990 Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I downloaded some files which have been made in Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign, and they also sent the IDML files with the file, but my Indesign CS6 just won't open the IDML's?


      What to do now?





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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What happens when you try?

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            BobM1990 Level 1

            Well while InDesign was starting the cursor showed the rainbow wheel all the time and when I found out that I couldn't do anything in InDesign, I tried to shut it down since it crashed.


            For the moment, 24 hours and an iMac shutdown (I gave it some sleep last night ) later, it seems to run smoothly although yesterday it didn't help...


            Many thanks!



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              I I have the very same problem.

              I have a client who needs some files, she is on CS6 so I exported them as IDML (I have InDesign CC 2014). She can't open them, I can't either. The application open normally but the file doesn't shows up, the application is not responding, so I forced quit it.


              I try to export them on another computer with InDesign CC (not 2014), doesn't work. I restarted the computer, still doesn't work. I tried the "save as IDML" instead of Export, still doesn't work.



              While I was writing this message, I let InDesign CS6 running even if it "was not responding" and after like 5 minutes, the file opened...

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                Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                InDesign is taking its time for writing and opening IDML files. I had one file with a lot of formatted tables in it, that took nearly one hour to write and nearly 20 min. to open. So be patient…