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    Dreamweaver & Designer + 6 Part series for cs6

    coach stew

      I am a High School teacher trying to have the students follow the "Bayside" first website tutorial. From reading other post I can see there will be some conflict because the tutorial is done in CC and my classroom has CS6. Where can I expect the differences to start or cause a problem if I have the class follow the video tutorial, while also referencing the written 6 part series for CS6?


      Also, I only see 5 parts to the 6 part series. The final piece on publishing does not seem to be included or the link is missing. Thanks

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          David_Powers Level 7

          One of the main new features in Dreamweaver CC is the CSS Designer, which figures prominently in the video tutorials. Since your students won't have access to the CSS Designer, they'll run into difficulties right away. Also, the written tutorial for CS6 uses a completely different design, so it's not likely to be of much help if you want your students to create the Bayside Beat case study. A lesser problem is the way the Insert panel is organized. CC has a Structure section. In CS6, it's called Layout. Some items have also been moved to different sections of the Insert panel.


          The link to part 6 of the CS6 written tutorial is at the bottom of part 5. What does appear to be missing is the link to part 6 in the CC written tutorial. It's not immediately obvious, but it's under the Tutorials and Samples heading after the instructions. Part 6 can also be found simply by changing the number in the URL.

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            coach stew Level 1

            Thank You.  The reason I am attempting this method of demonstration is because while the students have CS6 at their desk, there were not enough liscences purchased by the district to include the program on the computer connected to the projector. Therefore, I cannot demonstrate. Can you suggest any other resouces where the students can follow a demonstration style tutorial? Thanks again.

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              David_Powers Level 7

              You can find some free videos for Dreamweaver CS6 at http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-dreamweaver-cs6/, but they're not based on the written tutorial.


              It's unfortunate that your school district is putting your students at such a disadvantage by not providing a copy of the software you're meant to be teaching. Do you have a copy of the program yourself? Could you connect your own laptop to the projector?