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    easy challenge

      Anyone know how to load an external swf into a new window AND have it skip to a specific frame?

      Thanks in advance,

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          Forgot to include what I'm using so far....

          on (release) {
          getURL("javascript:NewWindow=window.open('_Movies.swf','newWin','width=315,height=245,lef t=0,top=0,toolbar=No,location=No,scrollbars=No,status=No,resizable=No,fullscreen=No'); NewWindow.focus();void(0);");

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            I still haven't had an answer and I really need one.

            Basically what I'm trying to do - I have a lengthy video portfolio that I want to showcase so I wanted to create one swf file that each keyframe would call up a different flv file. I would like to open this swf file in a new window.

            Any help would be much appreciated...

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              First of all I would strongly advice againdt linking the browser directly to an swf, that might not work under certain circumstances.

              Then you could make different html files that load the movieplayer wit a flashvars parameter that sends the video to the frame you want, of use the URL variables and javascript or serverside script to do so.

              An other option could be to use the local connection object.

              But actually I would adwise against your method in any case, as someone you would like to see the last part of your movie has to load all other parts too...
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                Sorry, that wasn't too helpful, I couldn't understand anything you mentioned other than "Don't do it."

                I have 50+ video clips that I want to use so I don't want 50+ html files nor do I want 50+ swf files, whether they're by themselves of in an html.

                Any other suggestions?

                What if I called the external swf into the current swf rather than opening a new window? I could probably do that, but I still need to know how to say "open movieplayer.swf and go to frame (3)"

                Thanks in advance
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                  Sorry for not being too helpful - guess I wasn't at all.

                  I'll try to explain:

                  Solution 1: make one html file that embeds one swf. In that html you can transter a varaible to the swf via flash vars.

                  the swf can take that value and goto the frame defined by that variable.

                  Are you familiar with that concept?
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                    Thanks, I'm not very familiar with that concept...I took one course on lynda.com on variables but it was a while ago.

                    Please explain.

                    Thanks in advance

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                      sorry to say so. but it seems the easy challenge isn't that easy any longer ;-)

                      If you embed the swf and use flashvars paramenter you can define a value for a variable, that is available on the root timeline of the swf.

                      in your case that could be something like "frameToGo=50".

                      in your swf you could use gotoAndPlay(frameToGo);

                      but you would still have the problem not to start playing befor at least frame 50 is loaded.

                      And the problem is transfering the value from the link to the object and embed tags. All very doable, but all in all an other bit of knowledge neccessary like javascript or PHP.

                      Loading it inside the sane swf that is calling is a lot less complex and you won't have to deal with popup blockers etc.

                      You would have to use loadMovoe, best in conjuction with the movieClipLoader class. I'd suggest a look at that in tha docs.

                      I do fear that that isn't the answer you were hoping for, but it just isn't that easy.
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