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    Questions on recurring payments


      We use recurring payments in our current shopping cart. I have two questions on them.


      1. Can the seller (us) make changes to a recurring payment instead of the buyer doing this. We need to change the date a charge is made for customers and we need to know if this is available in BC.


      2. I don't understand the 14 gap from charge to invoice. Does this mean that the customer is charged 14 days ahead of us getting the payment. We usually deliver the product the same day a recurring charge comes through. So I am not understanding exactly what this 14 day gap is. Can you explain this further?





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          Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

          Hi Eric,


          1) Yes the admin can adjust the payment date or payment altogether.  They just need to access the order record and locate the payment info which is where you can edit and adjust as required.


          2) The system will automatically recur 14 days earlier but will not charge until the actual recurring invoice date.


          How invoicing works

          To explain how the recurring invoicing works for your customers, consider a case where you have an order with an invoice date of 1/Sep/09 and it's set on monthly recurring.

          Recurring orders are always recurred 14 days before the next invoice date. So on the 16/Sep/09, the next invoice will be created which will have a 1/Oct/09 invoice date.

          When it comes to charging an invoice, the timing of this is dictated by the field Direct Debit Days (go to any order and click on Recurrence/Direct Debit to see this field). A value of 0 means the invoice is charged on the actual invoice date. So your recurring order that is generated on 16/Sep (with an invoice date of 1/Oct) will be charged on 1/Oct. A value of 5 for this field, will charge this invoice 5 days after the invoice date, i.e. 6/Oct.

          You can disable invoices being sent to customers when an order is automatically recurred. You cannot change the timing in which invoices will get emailed to customers other than turn it on or off for when orders are recurred.

          Please contact us if you wish to disable the emailing of invoices for recurred orders.


          Reference: http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/kb/recurring-billing.html


          Kind regards,


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            EricGW Level 1

            Does this mean that if the invoice has already been generated 14 days ahead that you cannot stop the order less than 14 days ahead?

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              Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

              An invoice email will trigger but nothing charged until the actual recurring date.  So you can cancel within the 14 day timeframe just remove the payment details or delete the order altogether. 



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                EricGW Level 1

                OK, great! That is what I needed to know.

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                  EricGW Level 1

                  Sidney, You are doing great at answering my questions! This one has nothing to do with recurring orders....


                  When we sell to NC residents we must charge state sales tax. However, we also have to charge a set fee (911 recovery fee). So BOTH a percentage fee and then a set 60 cent fee for some products.


                  Can we put both a percentage and a set amount on certain products?


                  My current shopping cart will only let me do a percentage.



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                    Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                    Only option I can think of is for the product to include the additional 60 cents within the sale pricing.  However that just means everyone regardless of location will be charged the additional cost so not sure that will work well.


                    The issue I'm seeing is that a flat rate amount cannot be added to tax.  Also with shipping you can only apply one flat additional charge "handling fee" so not sure that will work in this case. 


                    Sorry wish I had a better solution otherwise.


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                      EricGW Level 1

                      Sidney, I understand. It is pretty much what we have now. I just added an additional percentage to cover the cost of the 60 cent 911 recovery fee. However, it would be great if I could add a flat fee to cover this set tax that I have to pay. Right now it is a mess to deal with!