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    Script to collect all fonts throw an assert in CS5 Debug. Have someone an idea to find the solution?


      Hello forum members,


      Sorry for my english, this is not my native language.


      I use a Script from http://www.typomedia.org/adobe/indesign/fontcatalog/ to get all fonts from %Systemroot%/Fonts and the font folder of InDesign and write a simple text with these fonts. To test the script I run it under CS5 and CS5 Debug. It found only 6 of over 900 fonts. In CS5 Debug any time I run the Script, I collect two times the assert:



      JavaScriptDataConverter::ScriptDataToVariant - Untranslated key string: System Font
      Eng: Script providers must return untranslated strings to INX and translated strings to scripting clients.
      QE: Please report this assert as a 2/2 bug


      ..\..\..\source\components\script\javascript\JavaScriptDataConverter.cpp (101)



      In my first step I consult the developer of the script, but he has no idea why I get the assert. He also test his script under InDesign CC but he has no problems.

      My InDesign CS5 and CS5 Debug versions are installed on the same system Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP 1.


      I think the assert is the reason I get only 6 fonts in the normal CS5 Version.


      Maybe the problem occur, because its a Server System or there are interdependency with other components because its an developer machine.


      Have someone an idea or a similar issue, how I can clear my problem?


      Thanks for your attention



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          Dirk Becker Level 4

          The debug version is for developing plugins, so a script programmer need not know such details.

          The assert is just a warning, you will still receive the string.


          As you have the debug build, you should know that, and how to file a bug report / support case, but I doubt that bug fixes for CS5 will be handled with high priority - after all it is just an assert. OTOH if you can demonstrate that this also leads to broken INX files, that might ring a bell.


          Iterating fonts by means of the file system is a less than stellar idea, for that purpose we have the app.fonts collection which also considers the other applicable locations - application specific fonts, document fonts, fonts provided by font activation programs, even fonts in some spurious location of the scripts folder and missing fonts. The font object also has a property for its file system path, if you really need that (writing your own package command?).



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