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    Using Cirrus Example in a Commercial WebSite

    PaulWictyWatson Level 1



      I managed to get the Cirrus example working embedded with a development version of a potential project for allowing users to chat to each other "P2P".


      Now this has been proved to work we would like use it commercially in a website that could potentially have 1000's of users chatting 1 to 1 at any given time.


      I realise the cirrus server shouldnt be used for this so we setup an instance of FlashMedia Sever at Amazon web services.


      I having difficulty getting the CIrrus example talking to the FMS so have some questions i wondered if anyone could help me with


      1. Can this even be done, ie can the Cirrus example be made to talk to a normal Flash Media server to replace the p2p introductions?

      2, is using the cirrus example code but point to FMS commercially allowed???

      3, has anybody ever done this successfully


      thanks for any help