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    Using the wasted space

    CactusSkyChris Level 1

      Our company was really excited to use the FormCentral, but now that I am getting into it, it's pretty rough.  There is hardly enough space to put anything on one page.  All of the fields have way too much padding and it's really difficult to get anything to be spaced corrrectly. Is there settings to control the overall spacing of everything?  I can't find any.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          For each field you can set the "Label Alignment" to be Above, Left, or Right. 

          Fields can be laid out "Side by side", with multiple fields on a line.


          Fields label width can be adjusted, text input box can be re-sized, and the dotted line around the field which creates some padding can be increased by dragging out the right side (I know you are looking for less padding, maybe you can make this smaller for some fields). 


          There are not any overall settings for how much space/padding there is, just the controls I have described.