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    "store online" says "no internet connection to server" how to fix?


      Am logged in? Want to put form on the web and get the url for the form. How to do that?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          I am assuming you are using the Desktop application included with Adobe Acrobat Professional XI.

          I can give you a few things to try:


          Try exiting out of the application and then launch and sign back in again, server connection problems can be difficult to diagnose but are often fixed by restarting things.  Are you inside of a firewall at a company that might block some ports or types of traffic?


          Also, you can try to "repair" the application following these steps:

          • FIRST, Close FormsCentral for Acrobat desktop application
          • If you are on a windows machine, open a Command Prompt window and type : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\FormsCentral\FormsCentralForAcrobat.exe" -repair
          • If you are on a mac machine, open a Terminal window and type : /Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ XI\ Pro/FormsCentral\ For\ Acrobat.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe\ FormsCentral -repair
          • This should launch FormsCentral for Acrobat (if it doesn't then launch the application manually)
          • In FormsCentral For Acrobat go to Help > Check for Updates...
          • Choose "Update now and restart the application". Then click "OK". Then click "Restart".
          • This should close and reopen the application (if it doesn't relaunch automatically then launch the application manually)


          And - one sure method to at least get your form online is:

          1. Export Design file from the "local" form in the Desktop application, open the form and from the File menu choose "Export Design File" and note where you save this file
          2. Sign into FormsCentral in a web browser and "Import Design File" from the File menu when you are viewing your "My Forms" tab and locate the Design file you exported in step 1