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    Linking from Fly-Outs Problem

      Hey, thanks in advance for any help...

      I have created a fly-out navigation menu and I can't get links to work from the buttons that fly out. There is a link to the .fla below so you can look at it. I am a big time beginner at this, so forgive me if I use some incorrect terminology and keep that in mind in replies...

      The way I did it: I have a main scene. In the main scene I have a movie clip for each fly-out menu columns. Then in each movie clip the button options fly down from above. The problem is that I can't get them to link to another webpage. Which sort of defeats the purpose of a navigation menu. I have tried using the getURL function to no avail. I want the link to open in the exact same page.

      FLA File Download

      Can anyone help me out without confusing me more??