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    Bind multiple instanced text fields in different repeating subforms

    mgmurray80 Level 1

      What I have is a table that has rows that repeat based on a click event ("+" to add a row, "-" to delete a row). The user can enter a name in the first text field (Name1). There is a messagebox popup on the exit event of that text field (Name1) that adds an instance of another form (depending on how they answer the question in the messagebox). What I need to do is somehow bind the value in that text field (Name1) to a name field on the other form (NameOtherForm). How do I call the specific instanced text field after it is repeated. I've seen for loops that somewhat accomplish my goal. The problem is, for example, the user could add 5 rows and only the 3rd row would have the added form with the name field (NameOtherForm).


      Let me know if I need to attach a copy of the form.