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    PreLoad Help

    Fragboy Level 1
      System Windows XP, Using Director MX 2004,

      I am creating a CD and i have a menu with 7 Buttons, 6 of them play PDF's and 1 play a video.I am trying to creat a flashing "LOADING" before it loads the PDF.
      Right now I am using this code in the score script

      on exitFrame me

      When i run this in director, I see the score stop for a few seconds then continues. I guess the preload is working.
      What i want is to have a 2 frame animation of the "LOADING", one blank frame and one with the text loading. This animation i want to loop untill the Preload is finished, then goto the PDF file.

      also for future referance for me what code would i use to get a percentage or status of the load for a Cast Member only. i found a bunch of different code on internet loading. Like mediaStatus and preloadNetThing but nothing for on your cast member, CD or hard drive.
      any Ideas or help would be great :D
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          Chunick Level 3
          in the past I have tried many ways to get the status of a member loading... however, it's simply not possible with Director's engine. There's no way to query the progress of a loading asset. The best you can do is query the progress of multiple members loading.
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            Level 7
            Ywa the processor is tied up for the duration of each individual member
            load, you could preload 10 member individualy, showing a 10 step
            progress bar incrementing as each member has loaded. You might look
            into the bqackground preload option, though the processor is still tied
            up for the duration of each member load.
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              Fragboy Level 1
              thank for the input. My fix was just to put a frame in front that said "loading..." just so they know what is happing. and what i am loading is not huge in file size so it is only a few second of waiting.
              when it posted, I just wanted to know if i was using this code right.

              on exitFrame me

              from what i have read in this forum i think it is.

              thanks agian