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    Slide smooth


      i have drawed a rectangle on my stage, which on mouseEnter scrolls the background image 10 pixels to the left/right/up/bottom etc. It uses the following function.

      Now i was wondering if it is possible to create a smooth slow to fast scroll.

      For example: the rectangle is 50 pixels width, the first 5 pixels is speed 1 the second speed 2 etc. When i use seperate retangles, it does not seem to go smooth. So i guess i need some math for calculate the speed. Pixel 1, speed=0.2, pixel 2, speed=0.4 etc. Something like this to make a smooth scroll.

      Basicly i want to create a smooth scroll depending on the location of the mouse cursor.

      Hope someone understands what i am talking about and know how to create that sort of thing.

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Here's the simplified and expanded version of your behavior that I used in my hard-coded bare-bones test:

          property pScene
          property pNum
          property pDirection
          property pAcceleration

          on beginSprite(me)
          pScene = 2
          pDirection = "Left"
          pNum = 0
          pAcceleration = 0.1

          on mouseWithin me
          case (me.pDirection) of
          moveLeft(pScene, pNum)
          pNum = max(2, pNum + pAcceleration)
          end case


          on moveLeft theSprite, scrollSpeed
          if sprite(theSprite).locH < 800 then
          sprite(theSprite).locH = sprite(theSprite).locH + scrollSpeed
          --moveAllSpriteItems("H", "plus", scrollSpeed)
          end if

          end moveLeft
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            *petr Level 1
            Looks like my complete version.

            But the speed is the same on the whole rectangle. How to make it depend on the position of the mouse. For example; when the cursor moves more to the left, the speed increases.