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    Is there a fix for an InDesign file with error code 3?


      I have: reset preferences, exported to older file type, opened it on a different machine, etc. Everytime I try to click a page at the beginning of the document, ID crashes and has to reboot. CS6.

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          DavidMWE Level 1

          Sorry to hear that. Yes, we may be able to assist! Here is a little more info on how we will do this - Markzware InDesign File Recovery Service:



          Troubleshooing may help and here are some tips:


          Just like a doctor can not always say what caused the symptoms, they can offer best advice standards for prevention. For instance, the typical items such as; system up to date along with all software used in the process, enough hard-disk space for scratch disks, etc.


          It is hard to say what actually caused your InDesign file to go corrupt, but it comes down to these likely causes:


          * Corrupt Font(s) (or corrupt font caches - see below)

          * Corrupt Image(s)

          * Power Failure

          * Placing images via drag-and-drop from an Internet page

                    - Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLM08sT_F3U

          * Copying and Pasting Images from Word, PowerPoint, etc into InDesign

                    - Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSS0Llx4VEs

          * Copying and Pasting text from Word, PowerPoint, etc into InDesign

          * Working on an InDesign file over a network or on a remote server

          Here is a video on how to tackle the font caches of InDesign, which is good to do once and a while anyway:


          For checking individual font files (fonts are like mini apps really), we recommend either FontExplorer XPro or Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4, with the later perhaps the more popular of the two.

          Deleting your InDesign preferences can also fix some odd issues. To delete the InDesign Preferences hold down shift+option+command+control on Mac or shift+ctrl+alt on WIndows while starting up InDesign.

          Hopefully this assists.


          Friendly Regards,

          David Dilling