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    FormsCentral wont export to PDF

    BLW77 Level 1

      Im a registered Adobe cloud user and Im trying to export a locally saved form to PDF and I keep getting cannt export to PDF error.  Please help.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Are you working in the desktop FormsCentral application that is included with Adobe Acrobat Professional XI?


          Can you describe the steps you are using so I know I understand what you are doing?




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            BLW77 Level 1

            Hi Josh,


            I've read through this previous thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/5663427 and Im having the exact same issue  and the poster.  I followed most of the steps in that thread and it still wont export.


            Im using Windows Pro 7 with Service Pack 1 installed  my build # is 1.0:735130-A.



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              BLW77 Level 1

              and to answer your first question, im not really sure.  It may have come from there.



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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                Did you get Perry's message in that other Forum post yesterday asking you to share your form so he could start looking into it with you?  One of us can work with you on this.  We really need more information to help you.


                Please fill either Perry or I in with:

                • The steps you are trying - what are you exporting?
                • What do you mean by a locally saved PDF?
                • Is the "Export" from FormsCentral or from the PDF?
                • Operating system of your computer
                • If you are working in a web browser
                • Are you using the "Desktop application" of FormsCentral included with Acrobat Pro XI?  (IE: you are not in a web browser, but a FormsCentral application)
                  • Have you used Acrobat and is it registered and working properly?
                  • What version is Acrobat, launch Acrobat and click (Help -> About)
                  • What version is the FormsCentral Desktop application, launch FormsCentral Desktop and click (Help -> About)
                  • Are you signed into the FormsCentral Desktop application?
                  • If you are signed in, does your form have just two "Tabs" when you open it or does it have several (Design, Test, Options, Distribute, Summary Report and View Responses)
                • What is the environment you are working in, are you working inside of a company with an IT department?


                Feel free to share your form with either of us so we can see if it is possibly an issue with the form, my email is jcorey@adobe.com and Perry provided his in the other thread.




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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  Thanks Brett for responding with the details and working with me through the issue.


                  For anyone who has a similar issue - this is what happened in Bretts case:

                  Created a form from a Template in the Desktop FormsCentral application, this created a "local" form.  When the form was created from the Template something went wrong and two images in the Template failed to load in the form (there was a little "Image failed to load" text in place of the images in the form.  This image placeholder without it's image was the issue, once these two "Image failed to load" image fields were deleted the form started working. 


                  Prior to deleting those the form could not be saved as a PDF, could not export Design FIle, and could not "Move form online". 


                  After deleting the failed images everything works as expected.


                  I'd be curious to know if others have seen this same issue with "Image failed to load" resulting in these other issues of being unable to export or save as PDF.