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    Error occurred while packaging application: fails to run on iOS device...

    SaltyDog Level 1

      I am building a project in Apple Mavericks using FlashBuilder 4.7 using AIR SDK 3.9 and Flash Player 11.9. 



      The project is plugin project that builds and runs for android in the AIR simulator as well as on the device (so far so good)… it also builds and runs for iOS in the Xcode simulator but fails on the device… I have checked and double checked to make sure that my certificate (p12) and provisioning profile are correct and have also confirmed that the Application descriptor correctly mirrors the app ID (in flash builder as well as in the provisioning profile). I have allowed System Events in the Security & Privacy setting in Mavericks.



      If I try to build and run for the device… after a few minutes it fails with a message… “Exception occurred during launch  Reason: Error occurred while packaging application:” without any detailed information.



      If I try to “Export Release Build” it fails after a few minutes with message… “Error occurred while packaging application: Id: framework not found UIKit  Compilation failed while executing  :  Id64” Even though I know UIKit was included in the Xcode project when I started and UIKit is (I thought) automatically included by Flash Builder!


      Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction? I really need to get this project running on the device, I was pretty sure that the provisioning was my problem but have not had any luck getting it running no matter how many times I review and check my settings and provisioning. Please Help