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    PS CC - Crashes after clicking save.




      I'm having problems when trying to save an image after editing it.


      The scenario - I have a raw image, and a virtual copy of said image, open in lightroom 5. Both have had minor tweaks to them. I then highlight both images and click "edit in photoshop as layers".


      All is well at this point. I then do what I do in photoshop which is minor editing, only a few basic layers, then I hit save. My goal here is for me to save what I have done in PS and then view image in lightroom etc etc.


      However after clicking save, I keep getting a message saying Photoshop CC has stopped working, and I can search web for help or close program. Clicking on either closes photoshop and I lose what work I have done.


      I'm not only new to photoshop but my tech knowledge is relatively basic when it comes to computer faults and programming etc. The "error code" I keep getting is MMXcore.8bx


      This happens about 99% of the time however on a few, very few, occasions my image has saved and it's now in lightroom. Also when I open an image as layer in photoshop and then make a few basic adjustments to my image, the hit save it works. But when for example I convert a layer for smart filter and hit save , it crashes?! It only seems to happen after I do a bit more editing.


      I really don't know what happenin and what information I need to provide for help, but basically I can't save my work and it's very frustrating!


      Thank you!


      PS I should add that I'm not too sure how to provide my tech specs or the full error message. If I have left something out please say and I'll add to post at next opportunity. Thanks.