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    Double-click to enter a text frame - selecting text unresponsive

    Didi_Hirsch Level 1



      So frustrating...I haven't been able to find a solution to this anywhere online.


      Let's say I've got an InDesign document open, and have my selection tool (V).


      I double click on a text frame (that is full of text), see that there is now a cursor inserted in the text frame, so I go to swipe or double-click to select/highlight some text, and NOTHING HAPPENS (it is unresponsive).


      I wait a second, and then I can select text.


      But this was not an issue in CS6 on the Mac I used to use for almost 2 years. 


      I could double click on a text frame and quickly swipe text to select, it was very fast.  This second-long delay in responsiveness trips me up every time, disrupts my flow and is really, really annoying when I am selecting and editing different text boxes hundreds of times all day long.  I am using ID CC on a Windows machine now, but the CPU is super fast (16 GB ram, i7 processor) and should not be having any lag issues in InDesign. 


      Does anyone else have this problem?  Is there something in the InDesign preferences that I can change, or is this a bug?