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    FLV Array question - final flv file looping

      So the first part of my question was kindly and quickly answered by Rothrock. But I've got a new question that has arisen. When I set these up as an array it's ignoring the settings in the parameter field for autorewind which is set to false and it's looping the last movie file in the array. Is there anyway to avoid this by adding a snippet of new code to this code below:

      import mx.controls.MediaDisplay;
      flvURL = new Array();
      flvURL[1] = "preroll_live.flv";
      flvURL[2] = "atlas.flv";
      flvURL[3] = "jones_outro.flv";
      counter = 1;
      my_FLVplybk.contentPath = flvURL[1];
      var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
      listenerObject.complete = function(eventObject:Object):Void {
      if (counter == flvURL) {
      counter = 1;
      my_FLVplybk.contentPath = flvURL[counter];
      my_FLVplybk.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject);

      Preferably I'd like to either:
      Have the movie reset to an array file of my choice but not auto play or just Stop the movie on the final frame.

      Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks!