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    RE: Layer-Convert To Editable Text

    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.


      I am trying to add an animation to a Photoshop Layer.


      I have Imported a Photoshop Layer In After Effects CC.


      When I try to convert It to a Editable Text, I get this Error message.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          How did you create the text in PS? What else is going on in the PSD? provide more info or screenshots of the layers palette and the document.



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            animationlife Level 1

            Dear Mylenium.


            Please look at my Test Screen-shot.


            I can Convert my Text " Animation" into Editable Text, and I can Animate It.

            But I cant do it with the Dog, and those Yellow Rectangular Bottoms.


            Note: The Dog Is created with a Custom Shape Tool.

            And The Yellow Bottom's are created with Rectangular Tool.

            They all In Seperate layers.


            I also converted those to a smart object and still cant convert them to Editable Text.

            As far as any Text In Photoshop I have no problem with converting them to Editable Text.

            It just dose not work with the Shape Layers.


            Inside After Effects, I Have selected:  Import-File-My Photoshop file- Import Kind: Composition-Retain Layer Sizes, and I Check the Editable Layer Style Radio Bottom.


            Thank you very much.



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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Well, you can't convert the non-text items to editable text becase they are not text!  You can convert text layers to editable text.


              What are you doing with the horizontal bars and the dog that you need to turn them into editable text?  I can think of no good reason to even try to do this.

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                animationlife Level 1

                Mr. Dave.


                I am very sorry, I did not see the Final Video Tutorial, Actually It was a Mask Animation over the object.

                I thought It was using the Animate Icon next to the Text to animate on object Imported from Photoshop.

                Personally, I use the Text inside After Effects to do any Text Animation. I did not see the final Video Tutorial. That's why I was confused...

                Thanks Again...