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    Re bayside beat


      Firstly thanks, great video tutorial, great pace, speed and just the right amount of depth

      I don't seem to be able to get the nav bar to change colours as I hover of it, Ive gone through that section of the tutorial several times and I'm sure I'm missing some basic step any help would be great, thanks. also there isnt by chance another just as helpful video on how to secure and put the web up it there?

      Thanks again

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          David_Powers Level 7

          Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. If the navigation buttons don't change when you hover over them, there's probably a mistake in the selector that you created. Look in the style sheet in the completed folder. The style rule that controls the change of colour looks like this (it's on lines 127-130:


          #mainnav a:hover, #mainnav a:active, #mainnav a:focus, #mainnav a.thispage {

                    background-color: #43a6cb;

                    text-decoration: none;



          There is no space between # and mainnav, but there is a space after #mainnav. Also, there must be no space surrounding the colon. So, it's a:active, not a: active, and so on.


          You'll find a lot of videos about Dreamweaver CC in Adobe TV: http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-dreamweaver-cc/.


          You'll also find a lot of help in the main Dreamweaver support forum. This forum is dedicated to answering questions about the Bayside Beat tutorial.