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    Helvetica Neue (TT - the one included in OS X) Disappears when I open a Document that uses it!

    Alex R Lee Level 1

      Hi all,


      Hoping I can get some help here.


      I created a document in InDesign CC v9.1 and now that I've updated to v9.2, the built in OS X Mavericks font Helvetica Neue Bold (TT) disappears from my font list and the Adobe Type Kit dialogue appears saying the font is missing when I open that same document.


      However, if I open InDesign fresh and create a new document, create a new text box and choose the font – Helvetica Neue Bold (TT) is available. Keeping that new document open, when I open my earlier document that uses the Helvetica Neue (TT) family, Adobe Type Kit then re-appears telling me that Bold is not available and subsequently, the use of Helvetica Neue Bold is now lost in the new document when it was working fine before opening the old document What's happening here, it's infuritating!


      I've tried saving out the document as an IDML and re-opening it, resetting InDesign CC's prefs, turned off auto activation, turned off Suitcase Fusion 5 v16.0.5 altogether, deleted the Font cache. Nothing seems to work.


      Thanks in advance for any pointers.


      - Alex