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    InDesign crashes on start up




      After 7 times having discussed my problem with the help desk I hope there is somebody out there who can help me. After I click the Icon in the taskbar InDesign (v. 9.2) starts up (the logo is showing on my screen) after about two seconds when it is showing the message "laden van toepassingen" (sorry Dutch version) it freezes.


      What have I done so far:


      1. made an new account under windows as a administrator; result; the application started but after opening a file it froze again

      2. deleted all of my fonts,

      3.signed out from my adobe cc account and signed in again

      4. removed Indesign and dowloaded it again

      5. deleted the files in the folder: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe InDesign (AppPrefs)

      6. deleted the files in the folder: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 9.0 (nl_NL)


      What does work:


      1. Starting InDesign in Windows safe mode

      2. Deleting the file nl_NL from the folder C:\Users\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 9.0 (nl_NL), before I start any other program and don't close InDesign.

      3. All the others applications from Adboe CC


      OS: Windows 8.1 (dual screen)


      What have I done lately to Indesign:


      Assisgned a new keybord short cut while ctr + didn't work

      Installed some fots from the web kit (also deleted them)


      Many thanks for possible solutions.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Success while starting in Safe mode implies you have some sort of conflict with other software running at the same time. Do you know how to use MSconfig to do a diagnostic startup, selecting which startup programs and services to allow?

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            Hugo2 Level 1

            Deat Peter,


            I know how to get there Windows button + R and type msconfig. But I am not sure what to do next.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I've been googling, and it seems Microdoft has been fooling around with MSconfig again (I still run Win7). In Windows 8 the startup list is now in Task Manager, and it looks like they've added a indetifying asterisk for those programs that are required, which is helpful.


              So instead of MSconfig, start task manager, and then go the othe startup tab, and disable half of anything non-essential (pick things you suspect might be the problem, first), then reboot. Test. If it works, add back half of waht you disabled and try again. If it doesn't work, disable the other half. You should be able to isolate a conflict in a very small number of steps this way.

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                Hugo2 Level 1



                This is the list of applications that are activ during start up:


                Adobe updater Startup Utility

                Kaspersky Anti- Virus

                Microsoft office document cache

                NVIDIA GeForce Experoence Backend

                NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy


                Are they all non-essential? To be honest I suspect NVIDIA because I have updated my drivers about three weeks ago. The problems with InDesign started much later, but you never know!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  They all appear to be non-essential.


                  You may need to go back to MSconfig, too, after all, to check for non-microsoft services that start automatically and do the same thing.


                  I'm always suspcious of anti-virus as the culprit in these cases, so you might put that in the first group.

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                    Hugo2 Level 1

                    Dear Peter,


                    Just a short note to let you know that after closing all the app during start up, InDesign does work!


                    Hope it stays this way.


                    Thanx for your help.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Have you added back in halves to find the actual culprit? The object here is to isolate the single conflict. You don't want to disable things unnecessarily, nor do you want to run without an antivirus. It's not "essential" in the sense that windows will run without it, but it is vital to remain protected, so if you have problems with Kaspersky running you need a new brand of A/V. I've had no problems with ESET NOD32.