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    Grey Lines around the image while generating PNG from INDD file





      I am using the InDesign Server to generate the PNG image and PDF from INDD file. While designing we do mapping of variable data fields, e.g., Text will be replaced by dynamic text, image will be replaced by dynamic image, barcode will be drawn on the basis of input at the image generation from InDesign Server.


      Now when I do this mapping, a grey color line comes by itself and surrounds that particular image/ barcode (will be known as Variable Data fields). This grey line signifies that this data field is a variable datafield which will be replaced dynamically at the time of PDF OR Image generation by InDesign Server.


      Now the InDesign Server is behaving different when:


      1. when PDF is generated : Proper PDF gets generated by replacing all the variable data fields and with out any grey lines.

      2. when PNG is generated : Image got generated by replacing all the variable data fields, but the images and barcode still contains the grey lines which were just to signify the Designer about the variable datafield.


      Therefore, InDesign Server is generating the PNGs with the greylines surrounding the images and barcodes, which is not correct. Can any one let me know how can I remove these grey lines from PNG?


      Please find one sample screenshot of INDD file in the attached file.



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