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    strange error: cannot save jpg

    Bartattack Level 1

      I have a very strange problem with a jpg image. it's an RGB thumbnail of 135 pixels x 117 pixels.
      I open an existing jpg.

      I paste something in the image and flatten it...

      then I try to save it under a new name but it will not save and give the following error: Could not save (pathname) because of a program error.


      now the strange thing is: if I do an image size to 134 x 116 pixels. (or 136 x 118) the image saves fine!

      If I then resize it back to 135 x 117 pixels...it won't save anymore and the error is back.


      if I don't flatten the image.. i can also save it as a jpg. If I flatten the image and try to save: the error is back.


      I can save other images as jpg without any problems.


      any idea what may cause this?


      (I use Photoshop CC on windows 8.1)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          JPEG is a block-based compression based on power of 2 block sizes and using odd sizes would not fit in this pattern, especially at small sizes where there may not be enough room to fit an even amount of blocks. In fact I'm sure your alternate saves turn out as 136x118 pixels because of that.



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            William Ames Level 1

            I've run into the same issue here...not all the time, but when it happens, it's easily replicable as soon as I paste as a new layer then flatten. Of course, today, I can't get it to misbehave.


            The only workaround I figured out was to copy the whole flattened image and create a new document, which I was then able to save.


            The only thing I can think of is that my Mac is bound to an Active Directory, so it's logged in as a "mobile" account. I know this caused permissions problems in previous versions.


            Here is an excerpt from /Library/Logs/generator_2.txt



            Scheduling change to layer 1 of 7485

            Creating change context for layer 1

            Updating layer 1 ("Background") of document 7485 { id: 1, pixels: true, atRootOfChange: true }

            Not deleting directory "/Volumes/2TB/Thompson/thompson1453-assets": it doesn't exist

            Photoshop event: messageID: 8, name: imageChanged, parsedValue: {"version":"1.1.0","timeStamp":1390949620.706,"count":2,"id":7485,"layers":[{"id":1,"pixe ls":true}]}

            Emitting Photoshop event: [ 'PHOTOSHOP-EVENT-imageChanged',

              { version: '1.1.0',

                timeStamp: 1390949620.706,

                count: 2,

                id: 7485,

                layers: [ [Object] ] } ]

            Image 7485 was changed: {

                "version": "1.1.0",

                "timeStamp": 1390949620.706,

                "count": 2,

                "id": 7485,

                "layers": [


                        "id": 1,

                        "pixels": true




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              William Ames Level 1

              OK, I guess I'll just eat worms, then.