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    Green Screen issue with reflections (Primatte Keyer)

    SubUrb Level 1

      Hi together, as I noticed lately I unfortunally got some reflection issues at this singing bowl in the back. I'm looking forward to chroma key it using primatte keyer.

      It looks like I got a serious problem there and I'm looking out for a little help.


      Would be so nice to get a clue or two to keep on working on a solution. My problem is - the girl is moving a bit later - so a simple mask would'nt work. I think it would be the best to key the full singing bowl and replace it with an image later.

      I also have footage of the setup without the girl sitting in focus.


      If I remember right, there was an different keying technice were I can "erase" the full background and when the girl is mooving to the focus everything else is keyed with exeption of her. But I can't remember the correct terms or keywords to look out for solutions online.


      Thanks in advance - hope I will find a solution :-/ .. maybe on or another of you guys is able to share a clue with me.