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    The app restarts every time I try to open a photo.


      I'm running PS Touch on a HTC One (Android 4.3). I bought the phone last October and shortly after purchased the PS Touch app. It ran just fine with no problems.


      I recently had to perform a factory reset and start all over. I loaded the PS Touch app and then opened it. The app appears to start just fine. However, it will not allow me to open a photo (a photo that is stored in my phone's memory). Every time I try to start a new project by opening a photo from the phone's gallery, the app just restarts.


      The app used to work fine prior to resetting the phone. I was always able to open photo files from my phones memory, work on (editing) them in the app, and then save them to the phone's memory.


      So now:


      - I've uninstalled and then reinstalled the app. No luck.


      - I've shut down and then restarted the phone. No luck.


      - I've cleared the cache for the app. No luck.


      - I've tried opening different photos (e.g. photos stored in different folders in the phone's memory as well as different sized photos ~ 2MB, 10MB). No luck.


      Any advice on how to get the app to open a photo and start a new editing project?