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    Need Help Embedding Files into my InDesign File?


      First of all, I am not a professional at InDesign, pretty much self taught, but have been using InDesign for several years now to create basic catalogs.  I don't even know if InDesign will do what I'm wanting it to do. 


      I have a basic catalog created that I have printed.  I'm wanting to take that catalog and add interactive buttons or hyperlinks to files somehow, but without the files being a part of the layout.



      I want to be able to email or put my catalog on a flash drive and send to architects.  As the architect is going through my catalog, I would like them to have the ability to click on a button or link that opens a folder with all of my specification files (.pdf) in them and be able to copy or save them to their computer.  Is this possible?  If so, any information on how to make this happen would be very appreicated.