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    Merged Cineware camera results in jerky c4d cam


      Hi there,


      I am explorng the wonders of cineware and am running into a problem. animated a camera between two points. I animated the position, point of interest and X rotation I dragged a c4d file into the timeline and as expected the axis correlation is all goofy so I thought I would merge the camera data and recalibrate my c4d scene.


      I selected "Comp Camera"  in the Cineware effect and then clicked "merge" under commands. I made sure that my c4d project was closed while I did this. I then hit command E to open my c4d project. The camera appears but instead of two set of keyframes, there are like 20 and as the timeline plays, the camera jerkes all over the place. there seems to be no rhyme or reason. It moves in the general directio nof the original ae cam animation but the cor. parameters are all over the place. I tries with the some easing interporlation in AE first and then just linear to make the animation translation easier. Same thing happens.


      Any thoughts?


      Thank you!



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          2 node cameras don't like rotation animation, since it potentially means the up vector flips some time during the animation. Such stuff would be done with parenting or using the "better" Aim constraint in C4D, not the old target tag, which doesn't offer these convenience features. Also check your scene scales/ units. Microscopic distances in C4D also can randomly flip matrices because you reach C4D's internal precision limits.



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