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    Creating Colored Bullets w/blk text

    SusanSherman Level 1

      I am so frustrated, and really hope someone can help me.


      Back when I was using CS2, I created a template for our newsletter.  Now, due to new branding, I need to change the colors of the bullets that are used within the document.  I created a paragraph style for the bullets, oh so many years ago, so my initial thought was, "Easy, I'll just edit the color setting inside the paragraph style and be all done."  HA!


      Nowhere in the paragraph setting can I find the command where I set the bullet color, so I can't change it!  When I use the "character color" setting, my text changes, but the bullet color remains the same.  I also tried to edit one of the standard InDesign "Bullets and Numbers#" settings in the character styles to no avail.


      I now use CS 6 v. 8.0.2 on a Win XP xp3 platform.


      Any guidance will be GREATLY appreciated.