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    Godaddy email in Buisness Catalyst not working.



      I have recently transfered my adobe muse built website from a godaddy hosting site to buisness cataylst by following the answers that many of you gave and everything is working well.


      But for some reason I dont recieve a notification email from my forms. If possible I would still like to use my email package from godaddy which was included with my server.

      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance


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          Matt Baracz Adobe Employee

          Hey Will Neeteson Lemkes,


          Ensure that you have added both of the following MX Records that GoDaddy requires::


          MX 0 smtp.secureserver.net

          MX 10 mailstore1.secureserver.net


          You will need to add these to your site via Site Settings > Site Domains > More Actions > New MX Records. Please see the following video of a walkthrough on how to achieve this: http://screencastmb.worldsecuresystems.com/img/2013-03-26_1203.swf


          The 0 and 10 in the MX records provided by Go Daddy refers to the priority. However, Business Catalyst does not currently have the option to specify 0 as a priority. This is not an issue as the numbers do not need to be exact, they just need to be in the correct order due to the fact that the smallest preference number has the highest priority. The TTL you specify is not very important in terms of setting up your MX records, so specify what you like.


          If this issue still persists even after adding both MX Records, please reach out to support via 'Help & Support' available in the top-right of your admin console.



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            willneeteson Level 1

            Hi Matt,


            I added the second MX record (stupid me forgot) but then it still didnt work.

            Just got in contact with Help & Support, and now everything is running as smooth as butter.


            Thanks Again!