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    Is there a way to paste content from one ID doc to another without importing the styles?

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I often work with transferring content over from one catalog to another...each catalog has a completely different set of styles. Since I am an organization freak and like to keep things as organized as possible, it drives me crazy when all of the styles from the other ID doc are transferred over into my my new document. What I used to do was delete all of the styles from the catalog I was copying over from and save a copy like that simply for the use of copying information over (so that no styles were brought over), but I am currently working with copying over content from multiple catalogs that were built in InDesign and it will take me forever deleting all of the styles in those documents.


      Normally it is a GOOD thing when styles are copied over, but not in this case. It is not important that format is carried over either...I just want the content. Normally I will grab a bunch of content (tables, text boxes and images) at a time to copy over. I amjust not able to use "Paste without formatting" either:( It is greyed out. I very often use the "Paste without formatting" when pasting in text by itself into a text block and that works great! But is there any way I can do something similar with a bunch of contents that are being pasted? Or even if I just want to paste a text block or two?




      Thank you so much in advance for your help:)