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    PDF Form Number Generation


      I am building a purchase order form and I need some guidance.  First, I would like the form to create a random number sequence (8 digits long with the first two digit being 02), in a text box, each time the master form is opened on the server.  I have made the attempt to do this, but after the form was saved and reopened it randomly generated a new number. Second, with the number generation code I need it to save/lock the unique number sequence when the file is saved and still allow other users to edit the content in the form. 


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          You have to add some code to test if the field value or default value is empty before you insert the number.  You should also set the default value for the field so it is not cleared if the form is cleared. Now the tricky part is saving the form with an empty field value or empty default field value. If the form is kept on a local computer or wan you need to make sure someone does not overwrite it with a completed form.