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    Problem with Photoshop CC


      Can´t start Photoshop CC. I got the message "Can´t initialize photoshop, becaus there was a program error".

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You've given very little to go on.  For example you haven't even said what operating system you're running on.


          A very, VERY generic piece of "fix it" advice, based on no information other than what you've given:  Try resetting your Photoshop preferences to defaults.


          To do this:  Cold-start Photoshop and IMMEDIATELY depress and hold the Control, Shift, and Alt keys simultaneously (Command, Shift, and Option on a Mac).  If you've gotten the keys down in time - and you have to be very quick - Photoshop will prompt you to delete the current preferences (which may be corrupted), leading to the establishment of out-of-box preferences.  If you do not see the confirmation dialog you weren't quick enough with the keys and you can try again.



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            frankyM Level 1

            Hallo Noel,

            thank you for your answer. You are right - to less information.


            I have an iMac with OSX 10.9.1 - I think the latest update.


            I think the problem resulsts from a trail-installation of PS CS6. I had CS6 installed in a 30-days trial version. Than I bought a prepaid-card(1-year-licence) for photoshop CC. I aktivated PS CC and erverything was alright until I tried to Start PS cc. I got the message "Can`t initialize photoshop,because ther was a programm error". But I can start PS CS6. I tried erverything I think. I deinstalled PS CS6 and installed CC new but always the same problem. PS CS6 works perfect, but I can´t start PS CC. Maybe it´s a licence-problem. I always got the fewedback, that I registered PS CC but it don´t work.


            I tried to delete the current preferences. It´s ok to come to this function, but the result is always the same message.

            Thank you for your help