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    Show audio wave form in the timeline


      Love the audio feature, really looking forward to using it in my next project. Of course, I can already tell what I'll need to do some of the work and the first thing is to see the audio wave form so I can "somewhat" align my animations with the audio. I reallize this is just a guess and there are some things that could easily get the audio and the animation out of sync, but this is where I'd like to be so I can use Edge more and my other video tools less for simple presentations and interactive projects.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, cjmcqueen-


          Great suggestion!  I've added it to our wishlist database.



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            FuzzyDrawings Level 1

            Agreed. I hope this is introduced. Until then, you can always take note of the time code in the audio file to know when you need an animation to happen, and adjust that time accordingly, depending on when you have the audio begin in your Edge file.


            I'm actually surprised it's not already on a list for future releases - especially when the press release concerning the addition of audio support even mentions the ability to sync animations and audio...Obviously HTML5 handles audio differently than say Flash or After Effects, but the ability to see the waveform and audio syncronization kind of go hand in hand. Yes, the risk of disyncronization due to file size, internet speed, etc is a possibility, but I don't see that as reason to not include such a basic feature.


            That being said, audio integration of any amount is a welcomed sight and I'm impressed with the  features thus far. The automatic grouping of fallback files is a great touch.