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      We're importing a Word 2000 doc into RHx5 as we've done many times, and occasionally the following time-consuming problem happens.

      In the Word doc, a particular style was applied to all graphics and indented text within a numbered list, using the same method - select the para or para marker, and then select the style from the toolbar. The style is in our company style sheet, and always works fine in PDF (which we create before importing into RH).

      However, when the doc is imported, sometimes the style will work in one chapter but not in another. For the non-working chapter, the TrueCode pane displays the problematic stylename in the following format: STYLENAME0, where <stylename>. differs slightly from the appropriate stylename.

      For example, in the good imported chapter, clicking on the affected text displays "InstructionsIndent" in the toolbar. In the problem chapter, "InstructionsIndent" is still available on the toolbar , but the style that displays when you select the text is INSTRUCTION0.

      Manual fix
      One fix is to search & replace the stylename in the TrueCode pane. For example, replace INSTRUCTION0 with InstructionsIndent. It works fine. Or, in the WSYWIG pane, select the text and then select the correct style from the toolbar. However, with so many files it's very time consuming to check all the files - I haven't yet tried a global replace.

      Any idea what happened?

      Thank you,

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          Kathy T Casey Level 1

          I know just what a pain this is!

          I've come across this problem before and found it happens when the style actually appears twice (but using different case) in the document that you're importing. For example, In the Style dialog, two styles may be defined - "TestStyle" (with a capital S) and "Teststyle" (with a small s).

          Once I'd found this was happening, I would check each Word document and where I found this had happened, I did a search and replace from one style to the other - and then deleted the obsolete style.

          While Word allows you to create style names that are actually the same except for case, I'm pretty sure that RoboHELP is not case sensitive, therefore it would be trying to create the second style but can't use the same style name so it adds "0" onto the end to make it unique.

          Let me know if this isn't clear!


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            catamaran Level 1

            My heartfelt thanks! You've solved one of our most frustrating problems and we're grateful that you took the time to reply.