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    Understanding WebService

    Kwooda Level 1
      I'm having trouble understanding web services. In the Flex docs for beta 3 under "Using a service without server-side configuration", it indicates to specify the wsdl property instead of the destination property. Is that just for the wsdl? How does it know where to call the actual web service? In my case, the wsdl and the web service are on two different machines. This is my first exposure to web services, so pardon my ignorance.

      The web services I am attempting to access do not support runtime wsdl generation, so the wsdl files are generated through some other means. I have captured a wsdl file appropriate for my machine (where the web service in question is running) and have placed it on my web server for Flex to access. However, Flex now tells me there are no valid ports in the wsdl file, but I am unable to dig up any information about what Flex considers to be a valid port.