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    export value errors


      We made a form in our trial last week, but now that we have subscribed and uploaded it we get error messages about "export values". Reading the forum I see others have had this issue but no fix has been noted.   It seems stupid that your trial is a different version than the full version. Will we need to completely remake our form?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          I responded in another thread where you asked about this, you can post your response to that here, what you descibe does not really make sense, nothing is different about the "trial" or full subscription, but I am also not clear on the steps you are using as noted in the other thread... 


          I am also not clear on your statement about export values error and others having the same issue but no fix noted, getting a message about "Export Values" when you import a PDF is not an error that blocks the import and is not an issue that there needs to be a resolution to, it is simply how the Import PDF feature works, export values are not supported and you are informed of this when your PDF has them and you Import into FormsCentral.


          I'll wait to hear more from you.