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    Question about DWCC for those who have used the fluid grid

    skeeterz71xxx Level 1



      I am considering getting the DWCC subscription because my CS6 version does not support nested divs and requires an id on every new div and no way to include a class instead.


      I am currently using the free DMXzone twitter extension to build a responsive site. Seems to work ok, but doesn't design with html5. It does supports all the above.


      So, I'm looking for some feedback from those who have used Cc and have used dmxzone.


      DMXzone has a new bootstrap 3 extension for sale, so I'm wondering if I should get that instead.


      Only thing about bootstrap, there is a whole lot of css code included by default, I don't even use. Code bloat in my opinion. Not so much with DWCS6 fluid grid.





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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          IMO, FGLayouts are not a good enough reason to upgrade to DW CC.  If CC has other things you'll benefit from, fine.  Do it.  But don't do it solely for FGLayouts (which are perhaps the weakest thing DW has to offer).


          If you're a Creative Cloud subscriber (Full Plan), take a look at Edge Reflow and Edge Code which some people prefer over FG Layouts.


          Adobe Edge Reflow (preview)



          What's coming in Edge Code



          Incidentally, Bootstrap contains everything but the kitchen sink for every possible layout contingency.  Just because it's included doesn't mean you have to use it all.   Be selective about which classes you use and discard the ones you don't need.  BTW, the same is true for any of the Responsive Frameworks:


          Foundation Zurb



          Skeleton Boilerplate



          Initializr (HTML5 Boilerplate, Responsive or Bootstrap)



          DMX Zone's FREE Bootstrap Extension for DW



          I guess I've given you a lot more things to consider...



          Nancy O.

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            dragsternj Level 1

            i bought the new bootstrap 3 extension. the css code generated is brutal to disect and dreamweavers new CSS panel doesn't make it any easier.

            Also i am having a lot of trouble with DMX extensions lately up to a point that i can not install extensions i paid for. The whole DMX operation is run by 2 or 3 guys who barely support their extensions. For adobe to push us towards badly supported 3rd party extensions for much needed features is not right.


            P.S  i also dropped 100 on the latest bootsrap elements which was discontinued after only 6 month.


            would not do it again

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              Teodor K Level 4

              Hello skeeterz71xxx,


              First of all - I want to clarify that the Bootstrap 2 extension from DMXzone not only designs in HTML5, but uses certain HTML elements and CSS properties that require the use of the HTML5 doctype.

              The Bootstrap 3 extension is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework, but you can continue using Bootsrap 2, which will of course continue working but is no longer officially supported by the twitter guys. There are differenced between the BS2 and BS3 in the grid structure, the way you achieve responsivness, as well as in the elements classes and design.

              The CSS code generated by the Bootstrap is everything but not bloated with unnecessary classes, yes of course you can delete the classes that you are not using, but on some later time when updating your website for example you may need the missing ones... And its minified size of ~90k is just fine.

              Of course you can build your own custom Bootstrap 3 CSS file, and use it with the extension if you so really bad need to you can do it here: http://getbootstrap.com/customize/


              Hello to dragsternj also,

              The code generated by the Bootstrap extension cannot be 'disected' with the CSS panel, as we consciously locked the core files from being overwritten. As everyone who calls himself a "web developer/designer" knows it is a really bad idea to edit the core files and it is highly recommended to store your edits to the classes or create classes into a custom CSS file, included on your page.

              As for the extensions you are having installation problems - we have a free Live Chat support and Supprot Forums, where you can post your problems. There are no any known issues with installing ANY of our extensions, as they are pretty well tested by us as well as by Adobe Exchange guys also and if you have such issues please contact us to check what might be wrong in your DW configuration.


              The statement that bootsrap elements is discontinued is not right. The Bootstrap Elements extension is fully functional and you can use it on any site based on Bootstrap 2.


              Best Regards,

              Teodor Kuduschiev


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                dragsternj Level 1





                So i am to assume the same Teodor Kuduschiev who is answering the guys there about installation issues and now says here that "There are no any known issues with installing ANY of our extensions" is not you right.


                Because if you go over here http://www.cfzone.net/support/15527/topic/59083/ there is one guy who has the same name as you replying to questions and such, and that guy clearly knows about installation issues.


                And i , as well as the others, have tried live chat without succcess. We have unisnatlled everything including dreamweaver without luck and your companies products  are the ONLY ones where the error happens.


                In regards to the css  code, i am not calling myself anything but the css code includes everything but the kitchen sink. Its no clean, or lean or documented of any kind.


                And lastly  yes Bootstrap elements which i bought 3 month ago works fine with Bootstrap2  but can not be used with the new Boostrap 3. 

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                  Teodor K Level 4

                  That is exactly what i am saying - there is something corrupted in your Dreamweaver configuration / installation and that is the reason for you to see this error, and this is not a known issue and has never happened before. This is why we are investigating what exactly is corrupted.


                  Just FYI - the other user having this issue solved it, when he reinstalled his Dreamweaver.


                  As for the CSS code of bootstrap -> it is in the file, as the framework needs it. The code is structured and clean and it does not need any documentation as you don't have to mess with the core files, as i already described.


                  As for the BS2 elements, of course you cannot use it with BS3, as the version 3 of the framework has lots of changes, including many of the elements classes do not exist anymore OR are changed.

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                    dragsternj Level 1

                    That is incorrect. You were saying there are no know issues which they are as you guys are investigating it currently.

                    You are also incorrect in saying the other guys have it resolved, i am in contact with 3 and the issue is persistent. I am sure more will come.

                    And lastly if you are correct about the corrupt config folder than your extensions are responsible for corrupting it as there no other extensions installed only yours and it fails every time.

                    I paid a couple thousand for your products and instead of trying to weasle your way out or insulting your customers you should try to see what the problems are and address it.

                    As it currently stands i would not recommend your products and surely NOT your customer service/support department to anyone who is in need of serious business tools.



                    I post your  CSS files somehwere so people can see and make up their own minds as of how convoluted or not it is.

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                      Teodor K Level 4

                      Hearing what you don't want to hear does not mean i am insulting you in any way, but i understand you, most probably it is easier to blame someone


                      What we've found until now is that when your DW installation/configuration gets corrupted, this causes the issue. If our extensions were the reason, most probably the rest of our 200,000+ users would have experienced the same, right?


                      As for the bootstrap CSS files, you can ask anything about them the Twitter guys, who created the Bootstrap framework.

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                        Teodor K Level 4

                        Hello all,

                        just to let you know, the problem is caused by bad code in webassist extensions, which breaks the installation process of our extensions.

                        They promised to update their extensions and are going to release some hotfixes: http://www.webassist.com/forums/posts.php?id=33955

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