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    Mac Projector Problem

      We completed a Mac OS X port of a windows CD-ROM for a client. Tested it on several of our Macs, including an Intel Mac. It all seemed to work fine so we sent it off for duplication.
      We've recently recieved an email from an Intel Mac user who is unable to open the app. He sent us a screen grab which shows all the files on the disc showing as Unix executable files (The icons look like small black monitor screens with a green cursor). We are unable to replicate this problem ourselves. We suggested adding the .app extention to the projector file in an attempt to force the Mac to realize that it is an application, but no joy. It did change the icon (I suspect to a 'Classic' Application - we've asked for a screen grab to confirm this).

      I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who has seen this problem. And anyone who has any information on it - ideally a solution!

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          I've seen that problem when the files are moved from a Mac to a networked drive that runs on a PC, and then dragged back to a different Mac (Intel or not, it doesn't matter). Even with the .app extension (as you said) they would still think they are just unix files.

          Do any of the Mac discs from the duplication house work? Perhaps they didn't burn cross-platform CD's. A long shot, but might as well throw it out there. I'm not sure how things work when burned on PC's in general.