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    Distributing Forms


      Can you distribute a single form multiple ways?

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          Yes Formscentral forms can be distributed as both PDF forms and HTML forms. Additionally depending on what you are trying to accomplish Formscentral forms can be embedded in a web page. Please let us know more specifically what you are trying to do and we will see what we can do to get you going.



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            spankyandsmokey Level 1

            Thanks Andrew. I should have been clearer, sorry! my question is can I take one form distribute as a PDF, HTML and embed in a web page and have all the responsed go into one table.

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              Drewy62 Adobe Employee

              Yes this can be done. The only restriction is that you have to use a form that was originally authored in Formscentral. After the form is authored you can export it to PDF and distribute that for fill-in in addition to using the link to the HTML form. If you try to use a PDF form not authored in Formscentral it won't link to the same response table.