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    Why cookies are not visible to javascript since 14.2 in HTML5 extensions?


      Using Photoshop 14.2


      Before 14.2:


      console.log(document.cookie); // this wasnt working



              success: function(d,s,r) { console.log r.getResponseHeader('set-cookie') } // this was working - I could read cookie

              type: 'post',

              data: { email: 'some@email.com', password: 'somepasswd' }



      After 14.2:


      Neither options work...

      Just cant read cookie in javascript - but I am sure cookies work because on other api calls cookie is sent to server...

      And I am sure that cookies options 'httpOnly' is set to false.

      Even in chrome debugger under 'network' tab I cant see any cookies returned from server after api call.


      Did Adobe change something with cookie management?


      I need this to allow user to remember his account and auto login in extension. I know that cookies persist only during Host session but before 14.2 I could at least read cookie, save it to the file and after Host Application restart read the file and add cokkie to ajax call header... Now I cant do anything...