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    Flex 2 License

    Joaquín Alonso
      Anyone know if Adobe will create an specific program License for developers of Flex 2 IDE ?, like Sun have with Java Studio Creator or Microsoft with Visual Studio 2005 Express

      I know that Flex 2 SDK is free but, it would be great have a verison of the Flex 2 IDE (with limitations) only for develop.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I don't see where that makes any sense. Flex Builder is a tool, like Visual Studio or Excel and produces stand-alone Flex applications. It doesn't make sense to have a developer license. What would such a license permit/disallow?

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            Joaquín Alonso Level 1
            I refer have access to use a version of Flex 2 Builder free, just like Visual Studio or Java Creator, why? the companies use IDE's not only the notepad, so why not leave access to developers to use this kind of tools only for a learning propose (the Beta test is great, but at some time it would finish).

            Just look what Zend has done with Zend Plattform is free but only for application development and Web Developer Express of Microsoft, have the basic tools to develop applications, don't has the same "power" of a Visual Studio, but is great, I think that Adobe can make something similar, for example, create a "basic" version of Flex 2 IDE free and restrict the use only for learn and not include some component like (SVC, Debug, etc.).
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              I guess that the "Free" version you're hoping for would just be Eclipse with one of the XML plugins. More powerful than notepad, but not the fully-featured Flex Builder IDE.