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    What Project Settings to Use?




      I am very new to this program and would like to put together a movie using video clips taken from my iPhone. When complete, it will need to be saved as an FLV for web viewing. What settings should I use when I create a new project in PrE12? Also, I want to insert slides in between clips. If I create them in PhotoShop or Illustrator, what dimensions should they be if I want them to be the same dimensions as the video clips? Thanks for any help!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          What version of PrE are you using?

          What OS version are you running it on?

          What are the full specs. of your iPhone footage, such as Frame Size in pixels x pixels, Frame-Rate in FPS, is the Frame-Rate Variable, what format, and what CODEC is used.


          That will help determine the Project settings, and also point up where problems might exist, such as a Variable Frame-Rate from a camera phone. In PrE 11 & 12, the program can set your Project settings, based on the first Clip Imported, or you can set those manually, if they are not interpreted perfectly by PrE.


          As for the AI, or PSD Images, they should be Saved_As with the same pixel x pixel dimensions, or only slightly larger, than the Frame Size of the Video footage, say 2000 x 1500 for a 1920 x 1080 Video. I also recommend taking any AI documents into Ps to do the Rasterization, as I find that better, than Importing an AI into PrE.


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more,



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            HapJax Level 1

            Hi Hunt,


            I am using Pr12 on Windows XP.


            So, once i import my first clip, the program will set the proper project settings for me? If so, where do I go to figure out the frame size so I can match up my JPGs to that size?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Yes, PrE 12 will (under MOST circumstances) adjust the Project settings for you. One way to check how well it has done, is to look for an orange-yellow line ABOVE the Clip in the Timeline, in Expert View Mode. No orange-yellow line indicates that the match has been done, and you have smoothest possible playback.


              For the Frame Size, you can go to Project Settings and read the size, or in the Project's Assets Panel, after the Clip(s) has been Imported, Rt-click on it, and choose Properties, and get the readout there.


              Good luck,



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                HapJax Level 1

                So what should I do if there IS an orange-yellow line?



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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You render for smoother playback


                  The Elements Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 may also help

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Premiere Elements 12, like version 11, takes over setting the project preset (project settings) based on the properties of first drag to the Expert workspace Timeline. If that project preset set by the program matches the properties of your source file, then you should have no colored line over the the Timeline content (as the first drag to that Timeline).


                    Sometimes the program does that OK, sometimes not. If not, then you set the project preset manually yourself based on the file properties that you know before importing media into the project. When the program does not do it right, it does not give you the closest to what it should be but rather its default NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30 or its PAL counterpart.


                    Now here is the bottom line here...if you let the program set the project preset for you and you get an orange line over its content, you do not render the Timeline to get the best possible preview. You set the project preset manually according to the properties of the source media and then move on as indicated above.


                    Once you start editing your video (working in a project set with the correct project setting), you will get an orange line over the edited content - program telling you that you need to render the content to get the best possible preview. The time for "rendering" for preview purposes according to the color indicator system is after edits, not after the first drag to the timeline.


                    That is my take on the situation.


                    If clarification on anything that I have written, please do not hesitate to ask.