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    How to digitally publish the finished magazine online?

    aljCharlie Level 1

      Does InDesign have a way to digitally publish the finished magazine to something like Flipboard? I do not like the interactive PDF because the user has to download the whole file which is huge. Digital Publishing Suite is too costly and does not do desktop. What are my options? I do not want flash either.

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          You could try to create your interactive magazine with eDocker.


          With new eDocker CREATE! you can add most of the interactive features already in InDesign (hyperlinks, popup-images, slideshows from multistate objects, videos -MP4 or youTube - popups with html-content and text reading mode windows)


          After you have done it, you can export your project as HTML5 for computer and iPad users. You can distribute the project with your own server as so called web-app or use eDocker PUBLISH! which is brand new distribution service released few days ago.


          eDocker CREATE! is free to try, and after that 99€ (apprx. $130/month). No need to commit for long periods, you can subscribe it for one month only if that´s what you need.


          eDocker Publish is free for first 30 days, after that you have to choose EASY (9,90€/mo) or BUSINESS (99€/mo) plans. Those are monthly based plans as well.


          If you are interested, heres few links to get more info:




          eDocker CREATE!:



          Small PDF about eDocker CREATE!:



          eDocker PUBLISH!:



          Create free eDockerID at:



          With eDockerID you can:

          -download and install free eDocker CREATE! trial

          -create a free publisher account and start to use eDocker PUBLISH! servive


          ps. to avoid any misunderstandings, I work for eDocker but I´m not in charge for these products... I´m posting this answer because I genually feel you could find a solution to your situation here. My intension is not to spam this forum, my apoliges if someone feels I´m doing so.

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            aljCharlie Level 1

            Many thanks for the response. At $130/month, that is more than what Adobe charges for its Digital Publishing Suite. We are a none-profit organization. We do not have funds to pay any monthly subscription. Free is most preferable, if not, a one time cost is all we can consider at this point. We also like the ability to host it ourselves too.