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    AE CS, Shake & 10bit ProRes

    David Coiffier Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I've been fighting with very little success a bit depth issue using ProResHQ, AE CS and Apple Shake (yes I'm still loving and using it).


      All my 10bit PRHQ source files are seen as 10bit files, on both softwares. That's cool.

      When rendering out of Shake, file is seen as 10bit by AE CS. That is also quite cool.

      When rendering out of AE, file is seen as 8bit by Shake. When reimporting the very same file in AE, it's seen as a 10bit one. So this eliminates any setting mismatch within AE.


      Question is : what the hell is the difference between a PRHQ file created by AE and one created by Shake ? I've been running both softwares for years with no bit depth issue. I feel something happened recently, but can't find any reason or idea that could help me fix this.

      Did anyone experienced such issue, if anyone still using Shake ?


      Details about my system :

      OSX 10.8.5

      AE CS up to date

      Shake 4.1.1, still running smoothly


      Thank you for reading,