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    Slideshow / Slider??


      I need to create a simple slider / slideshow which displays an image daily for seven days. The image would change every 24hrs for the seven days and loop continually. I thought this would be a simple enough project, but have been looking at slideshow programs, java, sliders etc...with no avail. I find that most transitions are limited to far less than 24hrs. I would appreciate any suggestions on the best program / route to take to use to accomplish this.



      -- Mac

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You want a transition that lasts 24 hours? 


          If you want to change an image once a day, try using the Date class to control when images are displayed... if it is daily then you could use the "day" (number 0 thru 6) to determine which image should be showing.  You could check it every minute (or longer) to see if it needs to be changed to the next day.  I don't know why you want any transition though... hardly seems worth it since it happens so seldom relative to the overall scheme of playing the file.

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            jlmac01 Level 1

            It is for a client that runs a specific special for each day of the week. The specials remain constant for each specific day. I want to create a slider or slideshow or a flash that will loop over the seven day period so I am not having to go in and change images every day on the website...Make sense?

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              jlmac01 Level 1

              It sounds like the "day" class would be along the lines of what I want. Are there sites where I may get generic code that I can work with and modify to fit my needs? I am not a programer/coder etc....but I can generally figure it out if I have something to work with.

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You could use the Date class and check the day property of it and have that decide which image you show. 


                There are a variety of ways to make it work.  If you were to just plant the images on frames 1 thru 7 of the timeline (representing Sunday thru Saturday) you could simply use the following on frame 1...


                var today:Date = new Date();


                gotoAndStop(today.day+1);  // day values start at 0



                Just so you understand, the file is only running when someone is viewing it on a machine.  It is not constantly running such that you catch it where it is at that time.  If you expect that it could be displaying constantly, then you would want something in play that is contantly running that code so that it goes to the correct frame when the next day starts.

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