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    Trying to edit but other old admin name is blocking me doing so

    JoshuaF Level 1

      Hi, to consolidate and simplify my website managment, I consolidated my contribute CS4 admins, and am now using referral pointers to take three different web addresses (all being copies of just one website) and putting them all together, so I just have to edit contribute once, and it's the same website that goes to each address.

      • I eliminated other admin's, addresses on contribute and have only one remaining.
      • I can open that website on contribute cs4, but when trying to edit it, it says my OLD admin is trying to edit or review the site
      • and I can't edit under the latest admin,
      • but I've elimnated all the other admins and rebooted a few times.
      • The only other admin remaining on my contribute is the tutorial/images one.
      • Is that the one blocking me editing?
      • Or do I need to clear a cache I don't know about to be able to edit my website once again?