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    [Digital Editions] Scrolling Spikes CPU, Unresponsive


      After scrolling through 1-2 pages, the CPU utilization on the machine spikes, and ADE becomes unresponsive.  As it is, the system is unusable.  It appears to occur more quickly, the further along the book you are.  At the top of the book, I can get through 6 or so pages, at the bottom, only 1-2.


      I tried removing from my library so that I could re-install the book, and now I receive the following error message while trying to reinstall: E_ADEPT_INTERNAL.  The following Adobe guide failed to resolve the issue: http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/error-e-adept-internal-download.html


      Please advise, as we are currently unable to use our content that we paid a great deal of money for.


      I have verified this on the following Mac versions:

      2.0.67275 (I think, I reinstalled 3.0 over, so I'm going off of memory)

      3.0.86137 (Latest Version)


      This performance issue seems to have been reported elsewhere as well:



      The book that reproduces this issue is: