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    Parent .chm altering child .chm data after compile

      To simplify:

      I have a Dept specific .chm and an overall "homepage" .chm. When I compile the Dept-speciifc .chm the folder that it is stored in will read current data. However, if I compile the "Homepage" .chm after the Dept specific one was compiled then the data in the folder reverts back to the last time we pushed the data out to the users. In this instance I compiled today (6-19-06), but when I compiled the Homepage . chm the Dept specific .chm was changed back to 6-13-06. The information in the Dept-specific .chm remains intact, but if I go to this dept info through the homepage I only see the info as of 6-13-06.

      Can someone explain why this happens and how to fix it?