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    Flash & Premiere Pro or After effects?


      Looking for advice, I am a Graphic Designer with no formal training in animation.  I recieved a job I just can't pass up.

      It is a great opportunity for me to learn animation.  I need to create a cartoon mascot that will be in an environment, that will also be animated.


      It will be animated for presentation purposes, on-site seminars, youtube, and webinars.  Will also be uploaded to a flash to hand out.

      Would also love to do text/information effects, as well as to animate on the web.


      I am trying to chose an Adobe product that will help me acheive this, did some research and was interested, just not sure which product to use.

      I like what I see so far on Ae, but when I called Adobe they said Flash & Premeire Pro.


      I am currently learning web design, it would be better for me to learn one program to acheive animated presentation with creative effects, for videos, and web.

      I have heard all different things about flash on the web,

      and I truly do not need to get in a tangle mess of changing and importing files for the animation to be on the web.


      Is Ae the right product for me to learn?  or is Flash & Premiere Pro?

      I have CS6 Master collection.  I would like to achevive presentation and 2D animated Cartoon with same program,

      across all platforms for the web would be nice too.


      I need to make a decision because I have to educate myself to acheive a creative presentation.

      Any suggestions on Which program to start out with would also be great!

      Seminar presentation, youtube videos, email blasts, & webinar, one program to learn...is it possible??

      Your Help on this matter is SO appreciated!